Greenfield Solar Challenge

The Greenfield Solar Challenge program was an innovative partnership between the Town of Greenfield and local renewable energy specialist PV Squared, with the support of citizen’s environmental group Greening Greenfield. The program was intended to promote increased adoption of renewable energy here in Greenfield with special tiered pricing for Greenfield home and business owners interested in making the switch to solar energy.

The program has been a great success, with nearly 200 Greenfield residents signed up to receive a no-cost solar assessment, and over 290 kilowatts of solar already contracted to be installed through the program. This is more than 3 times than the total amount of solar PV installed in Greenfield in 2013, according to the Massachusetts DOER, and the number is still growing!

The Greenfield Solar Challenge is by design a time-limited program, and has closed to new applications as of Thanksgiving. Everyone who submitted a request for a solar site assessment to PV Squared prior to the program’s close will have the opportunity to receive a detailed project proposal based on the program’s lowest tier pricing.

While the program has closed, it’s still a great time to make the switch to solar, no matter where you live in the Pioneer Valley.  There’s a range of great programs at the State and Federal level that make solar energy an investment that offers great financial and environmental benefits, and a decision that should pay for itself quickly while under warranty.

If you’d like to learn more about what making the switch to solar could look like for you, the best way to get started is to fill out a request for a solar assessment through our website.  This information gives us a good overview that helps us in discussing what a project might look like for you.  It’s fine to skip questions you don’t know the answers to or that you think may not be relevant. However, it’s helpful to know as much as we can about your location and goals, and to be able to review a copy of a recent electric bill, which can be uploaded right through the assessment form.

If you’ve already filled out the form, and would like to follow up, or would like to talk more generally about solar, it’s also fine to call PV Squared at 413-772-8788 anytime.

We’re working steadily through the high volume of inquiry generated by this program and are committed to following up with all interested parties.  We’re thrilled to see such a great response to this program and are looking forward to working with everyone who has contacted us over the coming weeks!


  • The Town of Greenfield offers a good overview of the program, here, and answers to frequently asked questions.
  • GCTV is hosting a number of great videos with information about solar and the Solar Challenge program, including our full Solar 101 launch event, a shorter overview of that event, workshops on financing solar for homes and businesses, and a quick discussion of what makes this program so unique.
  • Greening Greenfield has been an instrumental supporter of this program and their website is offers a wealth of information on local environmental issues.
  • PV Squared’s Facebook page is a great resource for solar news and updates on the program, as is our Twitter feed.