How Solar Works

Designing a System

Once you’ve decided to switch to solar energy, here are some questions to consider when designing your system.

Do you have specific aesthetic concerns?

Our Design Team can create a system that is pleasing to the eye as well as financially and environmentally beneficial.

Concerned with the size & placement of solar panels on your property?

We think solar panels are beautiful—but we understand not everyone shares our enthusiasm. We can work with you to manage the visual impact of your solar installation.

Is there south-facing roof space that is generally free of obstructions?

In order to produce energy most efficiently, your solar modules should be aligned as closely as possible with the sun. We will work around the features of your building, but the best systems are placed where there are no obstructions (e.g., plumbing vents, skylights, dormers).

Is your roofing in poor condition or are there multiple layers?

If so, it may be prudent to strip and replace the roofing material in conjunction with the PV system installation. Your solar installation will last over 25 years, and we’d like to save you from removing it if you need to repair your roof.

Is the roof shaded at any time during the year?

Eliminating any shading on your solar modules will maximize the benefits you receive from your new solar installation. If necessary, are you willing to maintain the trees on your property to minimize shading impacts?

Is there a place on the ground that is shade-free throughout the year?

If existing buildings are not suited for a PV array installation, ground-mounted structures, within several hundred feet of your building, are a great option.

Are any new outbuildings being considered for the property?

A barn, garage, or garden shed can serve double-duty as the home for your solar installation. See our Projects Page for examples of how this can turn out beautifully.

Are you planning to remodel or re-roof your home?

If so, we can work with your contractor to coordinate the installation with other projects and take advantage of the financial and design efficiencies.

Are you satisfied with your existing electrical service?

Our electricians can often resolve longstanding electrical issues while connecting your system, including additional capacity.

How much can you save?

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