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How long will my system last?

Solar panels are designed to produce electricity for a very long time. The solar panels we use carry warranties for power production of 25 years or more—one of the best warranties in the solar industry. We choose equipment that offers great reliability as well as superior power characteristics, which means your PV system will produce clean, free electricity for decades.

How much of my electric bill can I eliminate with a PV system?

Up to all of it and more! The size of your system determines how much electricity it generates, so you can design it to either meet your needs now or your expected needs ten years down the line. We work with clients to find the system that best fits their power needs and budget.

What are the advantages of owning vs leasing?

Owning allows you to take advantage of many incentives, including grants, state and federal tax credits, and accelerated depreciation schedules for businesses. If you don’t have enough tax liability to utilize the tax credits effectively, leasing may be right for you. Lease providers take some or all of the incentives for owning a system, and offer the convenience of monthly payments. Lease agreements will also let you start a solar project with little initial investment. We help all our clients decide what option is right for them.

What does PV stand for?

PV is short for photovoltaic (photo meaning light and voltaic meaning electricity). Photovoltaic panels produce electricity from light—most often sunlight. (PV)² is short for Pioneer Valley PhotoVoltaics Cooperative.

Will my system produce backup electricity when the power is out?

A typical grid-tied solar electric system is designed to shut down, or “island” during a grid power outage. This feature protects workers from being accidentally electrocuted by an active PV system on the circuit. For an additional cost, (PV)² can design solar electric systems with battery backup or an inter-connected generator to provide power when the grid is out.

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