PV Squared to represent Solar Trade Group on Energy Task Force

November 6, 2014

Bill Stillinger of PV Squared will represent SEBANE, the Solar Energy Business Association of New England, on a newly-created statewide energy policy group. He has been designated by the Office of the Governor to be one of the 17-members on the Massachusetts Net Metering Task Force.  This task force was established by legislation in July 2014 to “review the long-term viability of net metering* in the commonwealth and develop recommendations on incentives and programs that will support the deployment of 1600 MW of solar generation facilities in the commonwealth.”

Stillinger is President of PV Squared, a Greenfield-based company that designs, builds, and maintains solar energy systems with headquarters on Wells Street. It is SEBANE’s mission to promote the use of solar energy and the development of the solar energy industry in the region. He says, “Our mission aligns solar businesses with the many individuals and communities of interest who support the use of solar, in part because we all want to reduce energy costs, greenhouse gas emissions, and address other issues that affect our overall economic, environmental, and social health.”

The Net Metering Task Force comprises a diversity of officials and interest groups around energy issues including state regulators, legislators, electric utilities, consumer and energy advocates, and solar stakeholders. SEBANE will be working with the New England Clean Energy Council and other solar and clean energy industry associations in an informal coalition created to coordinate participation by solar advocates in the Task Force as it considers recommendations to the legislature that will deliver the benefits of solar energy to all energy consumers.

“I am greatly honored to contribute to this effort.” Stillinger said. “We will be at the table with representatives of a wide range of viewpoints on solar energy. As a representative of SEBANE, I will provide a strong voice for strengthening the role of solar in the future energy policy for Massachusetts. I welcome ideas, comments and suggestions from one and all as this important process unfolds. .”


*Net metering is a service to an electric consumer under which the electric energy generated by a consumer (who hosts an eligible on-site generating facility) and delivered to the local distribution network may be used to offset electric energy provided by the utility to the consumer during an applicable billing period.

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