PV Squared’s Stillinger to Lead Regional Energy Association


Bill Stillinger, PV Squared’s Board President and an owner, has been elected to be President of SEBANE, the non-profit Solar Energy Business Association of New England. SEBANE membership comprises over 60 solar-related business in New England, who look to this trade association to collectively represent them and their interests as solar seeks to emerge as a mainstream, local clean energy resource.

SEBANE’s mission is to promote the use of solar energy and the development of the solar energy industry in the region. “This means that SEBANE must engage with government agencies, energy regulators, legislators, electric utility companies and others to ensure that we all recognize and take advantage of the full value that solar brings to individuals, our communities, the electric power system, and our natural environment,” Stillinger said.   “Today in Massachusetts we are facing opposition from utilities to the continued expansion of solar energy here. PV Squared is but one of several hundred solar businesses that are being restricted from serving new customers in certain areas, because the legislature agreed several years ago to the utilities’ request to impose “caps” or limits on the amount of solar that can “net meter” with the grid. Presently half of the towns in Massachusetts are so affected, and soon all will face “caps” unless the legislature moves to undo these restrictions.”

Stillinger will be participating in a Northampton press conference on Monday, July 20 at 1:15 pm in Pulaski Park, alongside representatives of Environment Massachusetts, a statewide environmental advocacy organization, and the City of Northampton’s Energy Office. He noted that “Solar now supports more than 12,000 jobs in Massachusetts communities throughout the state. PV Squared is proud to be doing business here as part of this rapidly-growing clean energy industry. For Massachusetts to maintain its leadership in the solar industry, it’s essential that the legislature immediately increase the net metering caps.”

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