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Investing in solar represents a safe, reliable, and low-risk investment opportunity. Because solar installations are comprised of solid-state electronics with no moving parts, very little maintenance is necessary. In fact, our solar projects may never need a maintenance call in their 25-year warranty period.

With over 10 years of experience, we’ve build relationships with manufacturers who use innovative technologies, build reliable products, and back them with warranties you can count on. With many unproven manufacturers coming into the industry, we know a 20-year warranty isn’t worth a lot coming from a company with only a few years of experience—especially when they lack the resources to back their claims.

We work with manufacturers who offer component warranties typically ranging from 10-25 years, and power production warranties ranging from 25-30 years. More importantly, they back their products with excellent customer service. On almost all of our projects, our detailed power production and financial performance modeling sees the initial investment repaid well before the end of the warranty period. You can expect years of warranty-backed performance on a project that has already paid for itself.

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