Benefits of Solar

You already know that solar power is a smart way to conserve energy and save money.

You’ve probably even had people knocking on your door telling you all about how you can get rid of your electric bill with no money down and free installation.

We’re not here to tell you how solar power works.
We’re here to tell you how PV Squared works.

Since 2002, PV Squared has provided renewable energy solutions to businesses and homeowners in the Pioneer Valley and the surrounding regions. We’ve built our reputation on strong word of mouth, quality craftsmanship, and outstanding customer service.

As a worker-owned cooperative, we take pride in our work and we respect the investments our clients are making.

You may be able to find someone who will do it a little cheaper, but you’re not going to find someone who will do it better.

Solar power is not just a smart financial investment in the future of your home or business. It is an important investment in the sustainability of our planet.

The energy comes from the sun, but it is delivered to homes and businesses around the Valley by the skilled tradespeople at PV Squared. We take pride in providing you with thoughtful design, technical expertise, high–quality installation, and personal service.

The PV Squared Difference:

Custom Design
Every project is unique. PV Squared will work with you to create a solar energy solution customized to you location and specific goals.

The Best Equipment
We select the highest quality equipment to design a system that exceeds your expectations. And we back that up with warranties you can trust.

Hands-On Service
We walk you through every step of the solar process, explain how to operate and monitor your solar equipment and offer service, consultation and client care for the lifetime of your project.

A Strong Return
Our systems are built to last and generate power for decades. We work to ensure that your investment in solar will continue to perform long after it’s paid for itself.


Solar is great for the environment, and it also makes great financial sense. A solar project with PV Squared offers a safe, reliable, and socially responsible investment opportunity: You can offset your fixed energy costs with a system that will pay for itself quickly, and offer ongoing savings and return on investment over the next several decades.

Working with PV Squared, you can expect your initial investment to be repaid well before the end of the warranty period, giving you years of warranty-backed performance on a project that has already paid for itself.

Economic benefits of working with PV Squared include:

Electric bills significantly reduced or erased entirely, with the potential to transfer energy credits to additional utility accounts

Almost all projects achieve payback in less than 10 years, and sometimes in less than 5 years, all while under warranty

High rates of return on investment, often outperforming socially responsible investment options

Measurable increases in your property’s resale value

What You Get & How You Pay For It

We offer many choices to help you get started.

Energy Production Incentives

The first thing most people think of when considering solar is savings on their energy bills. This happens through a process known as Net Metering, with the energy produced by your system showing up as a credit on your bill. Here in Massachusetts, and in many other states, you can also earn additional production incentives for making renewable energy, adding to the economic value of the energy produced.

Tax Incentives

Renewable energy projects are currently eligible for a federal tax credit valued at 30% of project costs, with no cap on the amount of credit available. Other tax incentives may apply as well – there are state tax credits for projects at your primary residence, potential exemptions from sales tax on equipment, and accelerated depreciation schedules for commercial projects. Contact us to learn what might apply!

Personal Investment

You can reposition a low-yield investment or put a recent windfall to work with a smart, low-risk investment in solar. If you have access to capital to invest in a solar project, you’ll avoid any costs associated with financing, and have access to all the financial benefits of the system from day one.

Solar Loan Options

Both traditional home equity loans and solar specific loan options are great ways to invest in solar with little or no money down. Typically, the project savings and incentives will more than cover the annual costs of the loan, and allow you access to all the financial benefits of ownership.

Leasing / Power Purchase Agreements

Solar leases and Power Purchase Agreements are approaches where a third party owner provides funds to build the system, and you make ongoing payments that entitle you to the system’s energy benefits. This approach is more common in situations where the available tax credits would not be of benefit to a system owner, or on commercial project sites.

Meet your energy goals
As a worker-owned cooperative, PV Squared is our passion and our livelihood. We’re committed to keeping your system running optimally, and we’ll be there to answer questions and solve any problems that might arise. Whether you fill out a Service Request or simply want to contact a technician with questions, we want to hear from you.
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