Spread the Sunshine Referral Program

Spread the Sunshine- PV Squared Referral Program

Every time you refer a friend to PV Squared and they go solar with us, we’ll donate $300 to our quarterly featured non-profit. If you refer a business and they go solar with us, we’ll double that!

This quarter, we’re featuring Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity. All referral program proceeds will be donated to this organization to help build affordable homes in western Massachusetts.

PV Squared’s Referral Program is open for anyone to use, and you can start Spreading the Sunshine and supporting Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity by filling out the quick form below.*

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  • Person Being Referred

*In order to participate in the PV Squared referral program, this form must be submitted prior to proposal delivery. View the full list of terms & conditions here.

Solar + raising money for a great cause- it’s a win-win!