Going Solar Is Good For Business

By Karen Ribeiro //

Do you ever drive down the road and think to yourself, “why doesn’t that business have solar?” I sure do – and it’s my job to make sure businesses in Western Mass and the surrounding region know that going solar is good for business.

The commercial solar market runs the gamut from working with a small local business to the large “utility scale” solar farms that measure power output in megawatts rather than kilowatts. And the commercial solar sector has taken off in recent years, as more business owners are realizing the value of going solar.

At PV Squared we’ve been growing right along with the rest of the industry. Our commercial department is currently working on systems up to half a megawatt or more (500+ kilowatts). Businesses with large commercial buildings can take advantage of a swaths of unused real estate on the roof and turn it into an asset that keeps on giving a return on investment for decades to come. Other businesses might look to a custom carport that can also house a vehicle fleet or explore ground-mounted solutions. Whatever your unique challenge, PV Squared can design a custom solution to meet your business’s needs and improve your bottom line. That’s because solar is an investment.

Carports with solar arrays are growing in popularity and we have a few custom installations underway in the region. Carports, such as the one at the UMass Mullins Center if you’re familiar, may further experience a rise in popularity with the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) incentive program coming out next year – due to a particular “adder” incentive for carports. And don’t worry, we’ve got our eye on all the emerging details of that program.

There are many incentives and tax considerations that make solar, and commercial solar in particular, a solid investment. That’s because we offer the highest quality equipment with the best warranties in the industry, ensuring your investment is protected. At PV Squared we take care to help you understand the nuances of complex policy and regulation around solar so that you have an accurate, eyes-wide-open projection of the energy production and savings you can realistically expect.

If you’re a business owner or commercial property owner, you can realize tangible gains by going solar, and we can make that happen. Let’s talk about how solar can be good for your business. Give us a call today, or get started online by requesting a Free Solar Consultation at: http://pvsquared.coop/get-started/