Solar for your business.

With solid state components and no moving parts, our systems are built to last and will generate energy for decades. By investing in solar now, you can control your energy costs and realize immediate savings. PV Squared understands commercial energy needs, knows the incentives and financing options available, and will work closely with you to deliver a project that minimizes disruptions and maximizes financial returns.

To date, PV Squared has installed solar for hundreds of businesses, farms, and institutions in Massachusetts.

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Client Testimonials.

“PV Squared took all of the guess work out of meeting the energy goals for our complex project. They provided valuable input as part of a large team of designers and building professionals. Their professionalism and their worker-owned business model made them a pleasure to work with. We loved that they were familiar with the goals of the Living Building Challenge and were able to provide equipment from SunPower that allowed us to meet those goals. We feel privileged to collaborate with a company that has such solid experience in solar technology, coupled with a generous community spirit.” – Julie Johnson, Executive Director, Hitchcock Center for the Environment

“Growing mushrooms year-round in Massachusetts requires considerable environmental modification. Many aspects of mushroom farming can be energy intensive. PV Squared was an amazing and helpful team from the beginning of the process. They provided the information and estimates required for submitting our grant application. Once we received our awards, the entire process was seamless and straightforward. We particularly enjoyed hosting the installation crew on the farm; they communicated throughout the process and were a fast and efficient team. We are thrilled to bring our project online to begin reducing the energy costs of producing our organic mushroom crops. We plan to add the system in the future with the eventual goal of solar generation to cover 100% of our energy needs. Thank you MDAR, USDA, and PV Squared!” – Julia Coffey, Owner, Mycoterra Farm

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