Maintenance: Checking your system’s internet connection

by Seth Mellen //

It’s important to perform a routine check to make sure your solar pv system is connected to the internet. That’s because at least once a month PV Squared checks to make sure the monitoring systems for the projects we have installed are connected to the internet. If your system loses its connection to the internet then we won’t be able to see the system online or receive email alerts regarding changes in production. Therefore, it is important to do this check on a regular schedule.

If you find that the connection to the internet is not working, then you’ll want to restart a few components. Most of the time you can get the PV System to reconnect by turning off the power to your modem, router, and all components related to the PV system and then turning them back on again. Much like a computer, this reboots the inverter(s) and router which often enables them to talk to one another.

If you try that and are still having challenges, don’t worry. We’re here to help. Simply give our friendly Service Team a call at 413-772-8788 or fill out this form and we’ll be happy to help.