Spring Maintenance Tips

April 9, 2018

By Service Team //

Spring is in the air. Now that we’ve (hopefully) had our last snow storm of the season and the vernal equinox has passed, we have longer, sunnier days to look forward to. Early spring often has cooler days, dry air, and more direct sunlight, and all of that can lead to increased power production for your PV System.

As spring progresses we also have the potential for pollen to cover the surface of the modules. A common question we get is, “can the modules be washed?”. We do NOT recommend actively cleaning your solar panels on a regular basis because you can damage the modules which could void the product warranty. It’s also simply not worth it to climb up on your roof and risk your safety just to wash off some pollen. Fortunately, we live in New England where it frequently rains in the spring, so the next rain shower(s) will wash the pollen away. Enjoy the spring showers and let nature do its work for you!

We do recommend, however, to visually inspect the underside of the modules each spring (and fall) for any debris buildup. Debris buildup underneath the array suggests rodent activity, which can lead to damaged wires.

Additionally, as the weather warms up and trees and bushes start to flower and grow, you may notice some branches and leaves casting shadows on your solar array. You’ll want to keep an eye on any shading changes in order to maintain maximum production potential. Further, you may even want to carefully trim back any branches that are near your roof-mounted array in order to reduce small animal activity near your system. Again, use caution as small scratches and imperfections can negatively impact the performance of your panels over time, and are not covered under product warranties (remember, warranties do not cover damage caused by the homeowner).

If you have any additional maintenance questions, please fill out this Service Request form or call us at 413-772-8788.