Client Spotlight: Zoar Outdoor

May 30, 2018

By Anna Mannello//

What do Zoar Outdoor and PV Squared have in common? A passion for the sun and outdoors, of course! PV Squared has been helping Zoar Outdoor go solar since 2006. We’ve installed solar panels on three buildings at their base camp in Charlemont- The Hawk Mountain Lodge, the zip-line and canopy house, and their main retail store. The energy generated from these three separate PV systems has significantly reduced Zoar Outdoor’s operational costs, so they can continue to focus on delivering exceptional adventure tours in the Berkshires.

According to Bruce Lessels, President of Zoar Outdoor, “In the fall of 2006, we hired Pioneer Valley Photovoltaics to install solar panels on the roofs of our three south-facing buildings along Route 2 for a total generating capacity of 15 kilowatts.  In 2009 we added another 10 kilowatts to our capacity.  Our 25 kilowatts of total production capacity provides about 90 percent of the electricity needs of Hawk Mountain Lodge and 40 to 50 percent of the electricity needs of our main base, where we have a commercial kitchen with several refrigerators, a network of 10 computers and our offices and retail store… In 2011 we added another 11 kilowatts of photovoltaics to the roof of our zip line canopy tour base, bringing our total production up and offsetting about 80% of our total electricity usage.”

We were happy to collaborate with Zoar Outdoor on these multiple projects, and ultimately help them accomplish their energy production goals, offset operational costs, and reduce their environmental impact. Feel free to give us a call at 413-772-8788 or email if you want more information on how your business can also benefit from solar energy- and don’t forget to visit to schedule a rafting, kayaking, or ziplining tour!