Greenfield Solar Cooperative Empowers Employees Through Increased Ownership

November 10, 2023

November 10, 2023

In an era where sustainable energy and corporate responsibility intersect, PV Squared (Pioneer Valley Photovoltaics), an award winning solar installer and worker-owned cooperative based in Greenfield, is setting a remarkable precedent by expanding its commitment to its workforce. The firm has announced an unrivaled interest and subsequent increase in its Worker Ownership in 2023, providing employees a greater stake in the co-op’s bright future.

This forward-thinking initiative aims to not only recognize the invaluable contributions of its workforce but also to align the company’s success with the prosperity of those who help drive its achievements.

This expansion of employee ownership comes at a time when PV Squared has seen substantial growth and success in the renewable energy market. The company’s dedication to “Heart & Solar” (heartfelt service, thoughtful design, and expert installation) coupled with a commitment to environmental sustainability, has propelled it to the forefront of the local solar energy industry. Empowering employees in this way further solidifies the firm’s position as an industry leader not just in sustainable energy, but also in fostering a fair and inclusive workplace.

In an interview, Marketing and Community Outreach Specialist and proud worker owner, Brittany Hathaway, expressed the co-op’s dedication to creating a more inclusive business model, stating, “We share a deep sense of purpose and belonging here at PV Squared, at every level. Our incredibly skilled and warm-hearted colleagues are the cornerstone of our award-winning reputation and overall success. PV Squared sets itself apart from the rest by offering our workers a greater stake in the company. We’re not only acknowledging their immense talent and hard work but also ensuring they have a say in our collective future. This exemplifies a refreshing approach to business, one that recognizes the importance of shared success and empowerment.”

This wave of interest began early in 2023 with the welcoming of five (5) Worker Owners: Alex Peterkin, Purchasing Manager, in March; Brittany Hathaway, Marketing & Community Outreach Specialist, in July; Kate Carter, Manager, in September; and both Justin Costa and Emily Vail, Electrical Apprentices, in November. The Worker Owner In Training Program currently has a cohort of eleven (11) individuals on the path towards future ownership.  

Daniel Berry, a Worker Owner and member of the company’s Board of Directors, explains that “Our Worker Owner In-Training Program is a key resource that PV Squared has developed to guide and support employees considering becoming co-op members. The curriculum prepares employees to understand the various responsibilities that they’d take on as owners actively operating a cooperatively-run business, as well as the principles and processes that we follow to manage the company efficiently, profitably and democratically”. Hathaway adds, “Over the last 21+ years, we have continued to hone this curriculum and its requirements for Ownership with earnest inclusivity at the forefront.”

“The sense of pride and motivation our current cohort of Worker Owners In Training feels is contagious throughout the co-op. Everyone at PV Squared is feeling really energized and humbled by this milestone in our shared history. We couldn’t be more thrilled.” says Hathaway. 

This special moment at PV Squared showcases a model of responsible and ethical business practices in an industry where environmental impact and social responsibility hold significant weight. It is anticipated that this move will not only benefit the company’s workforce but will also set a precedent for other firms in the renewable energy sector to follow suit.

“We are an enthusiastic bunch…for worker ownership, for cooperatives everywhere, for worker empowerment, and… of course for designing, installing and maintaining the highest quality solar solutions for homes and businesses.” Hathaway continues. 

As PV Squared forges ahead with its mission to energize a brighter future for people and planet, this commitment to increased worker ownership stands as a shining example of a business fostering a more inclusive, prosperous, and sustainable future for all involved.


The PV Squared motto:Build solar right and do business better”.

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PV Squared Solar is a group of creators and problem solvers who believe in the power of cooperation. Their values about workplace democracy guide their business based on inclusion, respect, and mutual benefit.


Brittany Hathaway, Marketing & Outreach,

Kate Carter, Manager,